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The Long Weekend, Tate Modern, Maya Deren/Ikue Mori

Posted in 00's, Avantgarde, Dance, Experimental, Film, Friday, Long, Modern, Music, Repetition, Rythm, Surreal, Tate, Weekend by backdoorprod on May 31, 2007


The Art field and its narratives.

Posted in Cliche, Duchamp, Duchampian, Field, Narrative, Repetition by backdoorprod on April 28, 2007

What often exhausts me about the art field, are the same narratives being played, recited and repeated again and again. As they keep being repeated, they have already become cliches. But still, the art world cannot do without them. There’s the narrative of modernism, the impure ideas of postmodernism following the great paradigm shift in art, the Duchampian revolution (though postmodernism is not the result of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade but must be seen in a bigger picture). And don’t say that modernism is dead because it’s not. Postmodernist theories cannot exist without its contrasting comparison to modernism.