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About backdoor productions

On internet, the word ‘backdoor’ has a rather negative connotation as it is very often linked to a certain type of data viruses. It is a form of virus that almost functions as a digital Trojan horse in that the hacker hides it in software programs one can either download from various internet sites or that one can find attached to spam.
By labeling backdoor as a form of artistic enterprise, I want to turn this explicitly negative meaning into something else. When I write, ‘something else’, it just means that it won’t change into anything ‘good’ as opposed to the widely held negative assumption one have of this word within computer language. I am however thinking about another form of creative use of it, related to an interdisciplinary, subversive practice.
When the interdisciplinary aspect gets increasingly emphasised, the awareness of your need for collaboration with fields that you have little or hardly any knowledge about, will have to make you see, not only the advantage of entering via the backdoor, but also the very necessity of it.
There is nothing new about collaborations within the artistic field as there has never been such thing as self-sufficiency. We are reliant on other people’s services every day. The aesthetic field is relational and dependent upon the society as all other human practices.
Within my practice, I am trying to emphasis a more humble acknowledgment of one’s dependency on other people’s social networks, expertise and competence to fulfill specific projects. All my productions so far has resulted from interdisciplinary collaborations, with different academic fields, with musicians and composers, with scientists, artists, architects, journalists, authors and people working within multimedia.

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